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Web surfer finds an advertiser on Retirement InvestigatorHow do you advertise?

Is your marketing strategy giving you all you need?

Would you like more clients or purchasers for your business, service, or product?

Advertisers on Retirement Investigator
have put their quality ads
on a site that ranks in the top 1-2% of Web sites worldwide.

Great Advertising Meets Four Main Criteria

When you advertise, you want results. But you can't see the results of your advertising until you have paid for it. So how can you evaluate an advertising opportunity ahead of time?

1. A good advertisement is targeted.

The better you know those you want to reach, the better you will be able to target your advertising.

People who visit Retirement Investigator are
  • Probably at least 50 years old;
  • Considering an after-work lifestyle;
  • Concerned with
    • family,
    • volunteering,
    • travel,
    • finance,
    • health,
    • social issues,
    • relocating,
    • and a new career.
If the people you want to reach fit the profile above, advertising on Retirement Investigator will help you to reach your marketing goals.

2. A good advertisement is visible.

Visiblity seems obvious when it comes to advertising. On the Internet, not all sites are equally visible.

If you were running an ad in a newspaper or magazine, you would want to know the circulation because that would tell you how many people would see your ad.

On the Internet you can ask a Web master about traffic, or you can use a third party to verify the popularity of a site. One third party that does this is Alexa works like golf -- a low score is a good thing. A site with an Alexa rank of 2,000,000 or better is in the top 2% of all sites on the World Wide Web.

Current estimates suggest that there are more than 100 million Web sites. When you spend your online advertising dollars, you'll want to be sure you've chosen a site surfers can find.

Log into Alexa and check the URL of any other site you decide to advertise with or your own site's URL against the statistics for

If you want advertising with good visibility, advertise here.

3. A good advertisement offers custom pricing.

Advertising is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

If you take out a print ad, you pay for space and other features. Retirement Investigator offers a range of ad types from a link in a newsletter to a full page on this Web site. Each type of ad is custom priced for you.

4. A good advertisement comes at a competitive price.

With prices from US$25, Retirement Investigator suits every budget. For less than the cost of an ad in the Yellow Pages you can have a full-page advertisement on a highly visible Web site that reaches your target market at a customized competitive price.

Fill in the form below to get more information about how Retirement Investigator can help you to meet your marketing goals.

Oh, yes, one more thing. . .

All clients who buy packages costing at least US$50
receive a link to a free e-book on how to make a Web site successful.

It's my way of giving you that little something extra.

"Current estimates suggest that there are MORE THAN 100 MILLION WEB SITES. When you spend your online advertising dollars, you'll want to be sure you've chosen a site surfers can find."

Fill in the form below. Tell me a bit about your goals so I can send you information on the best advertising options for you.

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