About Audrey

I went to my first retirement seminar when I was in my mid-forties. I belong to a great teacher's union that recommends members attend the seminars at least twice: once about ten years in advance and again closer to retirement. It's good advice.

Audrey Owen, editor at Writer's Helper.I had several jobs before teaching and took years off during my teaching career so I knew I'd have to teach until I was 65 if I wanted a full pension. I didn't care. I love teaching. Instead of coming home tired at the end of a day, I come home energized by my work.

O.K., I'll confess that a tiny nap before supper helps with the energizing now that I'm in my 50s, but I am by no means worn out by my job.

In fact, we do not have mandatory retirement, so I seriously considered teaching until I dropped. When you love a job, that's not as insane as it might otherwise sound.

Hobby to Business

Now I have to go sideways here a bit. Since my teaching job doesn't completely wear me down, several years ago, I began an editing business.

"Yippee! Now I have TWO jobs where I get to tell people what's getting in the way of their success and what to do about it!"

I live in a relatively isolated spot. I needed an Internet presence to secure enough clients to make my editing more than a casual hobby. You can see me at work here.

Although I was happy to start a new business, I didn't want to be bothered with a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. I also knew that getting found on the Internet was harder than being that needle in the haystack. I was thrilled to find a package that taught me to build a great online business and gave me all the tools to do it.

Through my Web site, I got an inkling of the possibilities of additional income while I taught and a potential work from home career to replace teaching if it ever came to that.

I used the tools so well that I was asked to be part of a team of coaches in an Internet Boot Camp in Chicago, where aspiring business people came to build businesses, too. During that week, I decided to start this Web site.

Necessity Moves In

In the past year, my situation has changed. My mom needs more hands-on attention than she's needed in the past and we've decided to live together.

There goes my plan of teaching until I drop, and there goes my full pension.

Now I'm more glad than ever for my editing job.

But I've had another burst of energy and enthusiasm as I've thought of building this Web site, too.

Another way to share what I know and what I want to learn about the new life ahead of me.

I'm going to use writing for this site to keep me focused on the things retired people need to consider. For example, there are major home renovations in the near future, financial and legal things to manage, hopefully a few trips to take, and who knows what all else.

I'm glad you are along for the ride. I hope you find something useful here. I also hope you'll take some time to share what you know about the process of retirement. There are forms throughout the site where you can submit your ideas.

Whether you are retiring by choice or because of need, I invite you to share my journey.

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