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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #009 --Moving In
August 31, 2007

Mommy and Me

When I started my Web site, I anticipated having my mother move in with me. She arrived on August 15.

Unlike most of you, I'm a true spinster, never married and without children. I have lived alone for so long I can scarcely remember sharing my space and time.

Happily, my mother is one of the most popular people I know, and for good reason. She is exceedingly easy to get along with, and everyone who knows her, loves her.

Still, I have to adjust to meals that meet her dietary needs and a schedule that includes lots of extra trips, most involving a car. I walk almost everywhere, so I put gas in the tank every few months. I've already filled the tank once since she arrived.

When I get the time (?) I'll be adding a new section on Retirement Investigator where I will write about the things we experience. Of course, I'll welcome your input in this section as well as others on the site.

Limericks and Laughter

There once was a Web site on rhyme.
It cost neither penny nor dime;
The lim'ricks are free.
You will chortle with glee
As you read 'bout retirement time.

The above was my response when I discovered this treat. Enjoy!

What Do You Know?

You have information that others facing retirement want to know. Sharing here is one way to help out the rest of us. Send in your ideas (or questions).

If any links do not work in the email, copy and paste the URL into your browser.

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