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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #008--Readers Share
August 01, 2007

There has been a small flurry of activity on the Retirement Investigator Web site as a growing number of people have stepped up with something to share.

This month, instead of having a clear focus, the offerings have been more of a potpourri. So, no matter what your interest is, the chances are that there's something for you in the new material.

New Correspondents

Jeanne Patera

When Jeanne and Ron thought about retirement, they went beyond thinking about the best place to retire and thought about the best way to live in their dream location. They decided to retire off-grid.


Leyla writes primarily for women travelers, but she rolled up her sleeves to share some general travel tips for any senior. Leyla's article takes seniors from the planning phase through to travel alone in a strange environment. I've done a fair bit of traveling on my own and I learned a thing or two from her. Read her article here.

Larry Maler

When someone spends 15 years researching where to retire, the rest of us should probably pay attention to the result of the investigation. Larry and Linda are headed for Cuenca Ecuador. Larry took time to explain why.

Karma Kitaj

People often decide to use a life coach when they come to a crossroads. Karma Kitaj, a life coach, explains what a life coach does and why using the services of a life coach might be just what a person needs when facing retirement.


If there's a flight in your future, Reesie's practical advice on how to use your trips to the grocery store to gain air miles could help you save some serious money.

What Do You Know?

You have information that others facing retirement want to know. Sharing here is one way to help out the rest of us. Send in your ideas (or questions).

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