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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #007--Supplementing Your Income
July 01, 2007

The blog entries I've made since the last Investigator Report reflect concerns about forced early retirement.

It's the forced part that makes this an issue.

If you HAVE to quit working, the chances are that you worry about finances more than your peers who work as long as they planned to work.

You might have to retire because of downsizing. In that case, you could look for other employment. Of course you'll face agism as those whippersnappers think that you are past your due date.

If you retire due to ill health, your worry may be compounded by additional medical costs.

If you could use a portable business to supplement your income, consider SBI! That's me in the second video on the page.

New Correspondents

Eric and Sandra

Eric and Sandra repeatedly visited South Carolina and got a feel for the place before they decided to retire there. Then they moved. Happy with their choice, they would vote for Garden City as the best place to retire.
Retire in Garden City


Tim shares why he chooses The Rio Grande Valley in Texas to retire.
Retire in the Rio Grande Valley

Cory Johnson

Cory writes from inside the time share industry about why time share resales work for him and his wife.
Time Share Resale

Jill Ferrer

If you've thought of living full time in an RV (recreational vehicle) you'll be interested in what Jill has to say from experience.
RV Living

New Look for Retirement Investigator

If you haven't visited lately, check out the new look.

I had help with the top image because at the time I didn't know enough about the graphic end of things to customize the template I had. Since then, I've learned enough to do some of my own graphic work.

I also challenged my brain cells and learned a bit of coding that would add some color to my pages. I didn't have to do these things, of course, but I like to learn something new to keep the neurons in shape.

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