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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #006--Money, Mexico, and Middle Earth
March 03, 2007

Investigator Report, Issue #006 -- Money, Mexico, and Middle Earth

I'm just over one month late in writing this issue of Investigator Report. Sometimes life just happens. At our age, we understand that and do the best we can.

If you read my blog, you'll know that I've been planning to write something on the money aspects of retirement. This is it! I'll reflect on the paper storm around the money issue that hits us at tax time every year.

Then I'll introduce you to our latest contributor who happened to be in Mexico. I'll also give you links to my Mexico videos. One of them is relaxing enough to take your blood pressure down a notch or two.

Finally, I'll point you in the direction of information about retirement around the world.

Money and Retirement

In case you haven't noticed, it's tax time. That fact has brought financial pundits out of the dusty ledgers and into the light of day. No matter where you live, how much money you make, and how old you are, someone has done a study and can tell you what to do.

I've chosen some of the clearest and most informative press releases and columns and posted them to my blog.

You may notice that the information and advice are contradictory.
  • Pension plans are well-funded.
  • Pension plans will run dry.
  • Invest in a RRSP.
  • Take your money out of your RRSP -- NOW!
  • People are retiring earlier.
  • People are working longer.
It's enough to cause confusion and despair. I have one piece of advice and I offer it with confidence.

See an independent financial adviser. Frankly share your situation, your goals, and your personality. Yes, your personality will influence the financial choices you make.

Your financial plan must meet your needs. Trends can inform your choices, but should not determine them.

When your goals are set, follow a plan to meet them. Next year, when I send you a similar newsletter, you will be in a better position than the one you are in today.


New Correspondent -- Maureen McBeath

When Maureen went to Mexico, she stumbled upon a volunteer opportunity that is changing her life. She took the time to write about her experience so you could read her story and maybe be inspired to find your own way to volunteer.

Watch My Mexican Videos

I've posted my videos on YouTube. I'm giving you the link to one of them. To the right of the video on YouTube, you'll see a link that says, "More by this user." If you click on that link, you'll see all my videos. See them here.

Middle Earth

Retirement is a huge topic around the world because baby boomers are a huge force around the world.

My blogs for January and February deal with issues in China (holding the line), Fiji (thinking about earlier retirement), South Africa (changing tax laws in favor of retirees), and Europe (enforcing forced retirement). If you want more information about the international retirement scene, check out the blog archive.
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