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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #005-- Cabo San Lucas Ponderings
January 07, 2007

Investigator Report, Issue #005 -- Video, Mexico, and Timeshares

Well, someone had to do it!

Just for you I spent a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from December 22-29.

I left my computer at home, which was just as well because it had a major hard drive crash in mid-December. Given where I live and everything else I had to do before my vacation, I only got back up and running this week. Needless to say, I'm behind in all my plans for the site.

But now that things are back to normal, more or less, I expect to be putting up new pages and some photos and videos.

Video -- And the Winer Is. . .

Speaking of videos, one of the things I managed while my computer gasped its last, was honorable mention in the international video contest I entered.

I'd be pretty proud of that no matter what the circumstances, but considering that the hard drive and my best footage went down before I finished and considering that I'd never used a video camera before I bought one just for the contest, I'm over the moon.

Those of us who won, including the honorable mentions, are putting some finishing touches on before the videos are all included in a special spot on YouTube. When that's all done, I'll put both my videos on this site. Watch for the announcement.


When I've visited Mexico before it was to participate in humanitarian aid. So I had some internal work to do to book myself into a resort.

It was so worth it!

By the second morning, the rain, wind storms, and cares of home simply vanished in the clear light of the south Baja desert.

I'll be blogging and adding pages about what I learned and saw while I was there. And yes, I'll share some video snippets -- not the shots from the inside of my purse. Those will stay private.

Humanitarian Aid

One unexpected but deeply fulfilling happenstance was meeting Martina, an English teacher from a small town farther up the coast. She teaches Jr. Hi students their first English. I'm winding down a career teaching beginning readers. Not everything will go straight from me to her, but I know I can send her some useful material.

Better than that, I felt I had made a true friend.


Cabo San Lucas is timeshare heaven or hell depending on your point of view. I attended a timeshare presentation and later interviewed others involved in the industry so I could give you an insight into what is involved from the point of view of those who sell.

I'll be giving you my own impressions as well.


Going down I knew I would investigate timeshares. I had no idea I would find so many interesting retirees to interview. Watch for stories on JP and Duane, Molly and Bill, and Doriane and Gene.

My best wishes to your for 2007.

If there is anything in particular you want me to investigate, just ask.

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