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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #004 -- More Correspondents and Travel
December 02, 2006

Investigator Report, Issue #004 -- More Correspondents, Video, and Travel

More Correspondents

Mary Ann Shank

If you need money to launch your retirement business, you need a business plan. Mary Ann, with years in the financial field, offers some tips on how to use your age as an advantage when applying for cash. Read them at

Dave Wright

Creativity has been an important factor in Dave's life. He used creative thinking to find what he considers to be the best retirement job. Read more here.

Doug Shepherd

Doug, another contributor from the world of finance used his expertise to find the ideal post-retirement business. Click here to read his story.

Bethan Hughes

You'll be hearing more from Bethan. She's written a series of pieces of about her retired life. I've had time to publish only one so far. You can read her thoughts on networking at

Why Should The Kids Have All The Fun?

An on-going video contest has a group of Webmasters well out of our comfort zones.

Yes, I said, "Our." I'm part of that group. I've owned my own camcorder for less than one week -- and the contest deadline is December 15.

I don't know if I'll be able to sort out all the things I'll need to learn in order to make the sort of entry I'd like to make. But I can tell you, I'm hooked!

I have plans to make a series of Retirement Investigator videos. I've started one already. More on that in the next section.

In the meantime, I want to share one of my favorite entries. I love Claude's video because it's just so him. He was the first to submit an entry and he's been in there critiquing and cheering on the rest of us like crazy since the beginning. You can see him in the November archive of the my blog. Scroll down to November 6, sit back, and enjoy.

I don't think I'm the only senior who will be learning how to use this technology in new ways. How about you? What story could you tell through a video?


Yes, I'm off on a trip.

It's just for your benefit of course that I'll spend a week on the southern tip of Baja at Cabo San Lucas.

I've already started my video. Watch for it in early January when I get back.

If any links do not open for you, just copy and paste the URL into your browser window.

My best to you,

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