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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #003 -- New Correspondents, New Blog
October 01, 2006

Two More Correspondents

Tony Greenfield

Tony Greenfield generously shares the story of beginning his travel guide business. As you will see, Tony did not follow a clearly determined plan. His mom is still waiting for him to get a real job. But if you look at the photo he submitted with his story, I think you'll agree that Tony has found a wonderful way to move into what he's not ready to call retirement. Read Tony's story here.


While you read this, M&E, who wanted to remain anonymous, are relaxing in their timeshare hotel in Mexico. Exactly where is veiled in secrecy for the same reason M&E shared their story giving only their initials -- they are private people. They were also afraid that if I told you exactly where they were, you'd all rush down there and things would be too crowded.

I respect the desire for privacy. I also appreciate their input. Their first hand story about their own timeshare adds to the research I was able to do on my own. Read M&E's story here.

Your Story Here

Others want to know your story, too. What do you know about retirement that others could benefit form knowing? You can submit your information here.

Great Decision Making Tool

The sheer mass of decisions around retirement could send a body over the edge. I don't know about you, but one minute I think I've got something all figured out, and then along comes some other bit of information or an unexpected emotional reaction to my own decision and I'm all confused again.

There's a great tool to help make decisions. Whether you want to know if you should sell your house or keep it, or whether your slippers should be brown, yellow or blue, ChooseIt! will take the information that's important to you, do the mathematical calculation, and come up with a graph showing you which option seems to suit you best. (My slippers are blue and I'm still collecting information on the housing question. Even ChooseIt! needs help telling me what to do.) ChooseIt! is free and is an inspected4u gold choice.

If any links do not open for you, just copy and paste the URL into your browser window.

My best to you,

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