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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #014--Retirement Banking and Finance
May 04, 2008

Investigator Report #014

I've been busy investigating a few aspects of retirement. Through the links below, you can expect to learn to evaluate retirement income opportunities, including affiliate marketing; learn what to consider when using retirement calculators; learn about two financial institutions that target retired or retiring people.

Evaluating A Retirement Income Opportunity

If your email inbox is like mine, or if you flick on the TV late at night, you've been offered a retirement income opportunity or two. How do you cut through the noise to find something that will legitimately add to your income while avoiding the scams?

Affiliate Marketing

One way many people, including seniors, earn income is affiliate marketing. I know about this one from both sides. I both promote the products of others -- only those I know and trust -- and have others promote my editing ebook. The link following link takes you to a page that offers a free ebook on affiliate marketing. This one is a true gem.

Retirement Income Calculator

We want to know how much income we'll have in retirement. Does your pension have a online calculator to give you that information? Follow links to government retirement income calculators.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Most of us how use a retirement income calculator then find a need for the retirement savings calculator. Many financial institutions offer online calculators. The link below will guide you in your safe use of online investigations into your personal finances.

Nationwide Retirement Solutions

If you live in the US, you may have considered Nationwide Retirement Solutions. The link below provides a brief review of this financial institution. Note that the NRS site has a retirement savings calculator.

ing Retirement Options

Wherever you live, you may have heard of the ing banking group. This bank with worldwide branches, actively seeks out retirees. The following link reviews ing.

What About You?

What do you know of interest to your fellow retirees? Retirement Investigator is always looking for first-hand information. Send me your idea and you could be a featured correspondent in a future issue.
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