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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #012--Financial freedom and more
February 02, 2008

Investigator Report Issue #012

The Mom and Me section of Retirement Investigator is growing slowly but surely. So are both the Travel Advice and Best Place to Retire sections. We have additions to all three. But first, I want to tell you why I've been quiet for so long.

Cruising My Way to Financial Freedom

With a cruise on the horizon, and an ebook to launch, I couldn't resist the temptation to launch the ebook as I got onto the cruise ship. That meant lots of work squished into a teeny bit of time.

I got all the work done, but I had to let other things, like this newsletter, go for a bit.

The cruise was not only pleasure. Besides launching my ebook -- more on that later -- I gave a seminar on writing for the Web. I also attended other seminars on Web business. The information was invaluable for setting goals for my Web sites.

Now I have even more writing to do, and with my mom here, time continues to press, but I'm learning how to carve out what I need and to prioritize better.

The ebook, Get Your Writing Fighting Fit, is part of my plan to move into more passive income in my Web business. I want to work less, not more. But I still need added income if I'm to do all I want to do in the coming years. I have already begun two other ebooks related to writing.

Those of you who want a way to make extra money for your retirement may be surprised to learn that all those young whipper snappers out there (and some not so young ones, too) really do want to read about what we know. I'm clearly sold on this way to supplement my pension. You owe it to yourself to check out the options available to you. (Yes, that's me on one of the videos. I'm having a bad hair day, but that's life.)

Coming soon to Retirement Investigator will be my review of the places I went and the services I used on my trip. I learned a thing or two you'll want to know.

Bathroom Grab Bars

If you don't have them yet, bathroom grab bars are in your future. (They are those bars smart people put into bathrooms to help those with mobility and stability problems get up and down safely.) When Mom moved in, I had to upgrade my bathroom. I investigated both plastic and stainless steel grab bars. Find out how the bathroom guy saved me a bundle when he installed our
grab bars.

New Correspondents

Eight new writers join the investigators who help me to bring the best possible information on retirement issues.

Tess Bridgwater

If you read Good Times, the retirement magazine, you've already met Tess Bridgwater, a travel writer with expertise on both North America and Britain. She agreed to share her best tips on choosing a cruise.

I was glad I checked her advice before I left home. Even though I'd cruised before, I learned a thing or two about preparations.

Heather Hovenkemp

Heather, a Canadian, and her husband, who is Dutch, made a thorough search for the best place to retire. Heather generously shares the process they used to make their decision.

If you've ever considered a warm retirement, you'll want to read her article, Retire in Panama.

Gill Grigor

Long distance grandparenting may not be ideal, but Gill shares ways to make the most of it. She wrote her best long distance grandparenting advice for us and included a link to her own Web site for those who want more.

Gabriele Mullenberg

Gabriele has experience to back up her advice to retire in Tenerife. If a warm island get-away is your dream, her report will give you grist for the mill.

Andrew MacDonald

Andrew is a life coach who helps people in transition. Being one of us, he knows us well. In his report, he helps us to think about how we can make our personal sixties like the 60s of our youth.

Monday Businge

Before the trouble broke out in Kenya, Monday sent in his beautiful report on his country and his great safari tips. This morning I listened to the news report that leaders of the various groups involved in the conflict are getting together. That can only be good. Soon Kenya will be back in the safari business and with Monday's advice, you could be headed for the trip of a lifetime!

Gerry Westfall

Gerry wrote to tell us why it's a good idea to retire in Pooler, Georgia. I don't want to steal his thunder, but I'll just give you a hint that this retirement option includes more than a laid back paradise.


You don't have to travel solo to take advantage of weekly rentals as an option for your vacation accommodation. That's just Mary's personal situation. She's sold, and after reading her experiences and tips, you might be, too.

What About You?

What do you know of interest to your fellow retirees? Retirement Investigator is always looking for first-hand information. Send me your idea and you could be a featured correspondent in a future issue.
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