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Hello,Investigator Report, Issue #010--Time and Money
September 30, 2007

Investigator Report Issue #010

New Web Site Section Opens

I have many reasons for leaving my Web site unattended for most of this month.
  1. School started and I was assigned a different class than the one I expected.
  2. I was hit by a debilitating allergy attack after being allergy free for years.
  3. My editing business heated up.
  4. Living with another person will always take more time than living alone.
That said, the Web site does keep ticking along, so I continue to be glad that I started my sites before my mom arrived.

I did manage to begin the section on my life with Mom. I have many more pages to add, but those of you who want to meet her can see the photo we took shortly after she arrived on the new Mom and Me page.

Where Do You Want to Retire?

A recent editorial from Topeka, Kansas about the relative merits of Topeka and Lawrence for retirees got me wondering where all of you wish you could retire. What would be your dream retirement? Why? Let me know and I'll share your idea with other readers of Investigator Report.

The Economy

No matter where you live, the dramatic changes within the US economy will be causing some adjustments. Debates in Canada rage about whether the losses in manufacturing will be off-set by lower prices -- so far they are not.

It will probably be some time before it all sorts itself out. In the meantime, those of us who are facing retirement are considering how to hedge or supplement our pensions.

I'm so glad I've found a legitimate Internet solution.

What Do You Know?

You have information that others facing retirement want to know. Sharing here is one way to help out the rest of us. Send in your ideas (or questions).
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