10 Best Places To Retire

waving woman choose from the 10 best places to retire.

10 best this, 3 best that. Looking for number one! We're fascinated with lists.

10 best places to retire lists litter the Web and threaten to give you a brain cramp.

Do you want to choose your retirement home the way the status-obsessed choose their clothes. . .

. . .by finding out what everyone else is doing and doing it, too?

That was fine for High School decisions, but at our age, we know better. Don't we?

In searching for information on where to retire, I've come across lots of lists. Here are a few 10 best places to retire

  • in a small town
  • in a US city
  • in a rural area
  • in the south
  • overseas
  • in the US or Canada
  • in Mexico

The reality is that when YOU want to know the best place for YOU to retire, you need to consider the issues most important to YOU. The best place for me to retire is not necessarily the best place for you. In fact, I'm willing to bet that very few of you will move next door to me.

Best Recommendations For Where To Retire

I have two resources to recommend to you when you are deciding where to retire. Together they can go a long way to helping you choose the best retirement spot for you.

The first tool is a book.
Retire In Style shares the results of thorough research by a geographer.

One of the things I like about it is the range of information given on each spot. Since what is vital to one person would be irrelevant to someone else, having many criteria available helps. Places are listed by geographical region, size, ease of transport, amenities, and other factors.

The second tool is a piece of software that helps a person to make complex decisions.

After you have decided what matters to you about the best place for you to retire, plug in your data and hit the final button. ChooseIt! gives you a graph that shows which spot best meets your heart's desire.

Both the book and the software are inspected4u gold choices.