What's the Best Way to Spend Your Golden Years?

Man with binocularsYou are facing retirement and you have questions.

Maybe you've already retired and you're asking, "Is this all there is?"

Well, is it?

Is it enough. . .

  • money?
  • distance from or closeness to (you fill in the blank)?
  • activity to stay healthy?
  • service to feel fulfilled?
  • leisure to recoup from a life of service?
  • house? (or maybe too much house?)
  • view, garden, sunshine, ski hills. . .?
No matter what age you retire, no matter which reasons you have for retiring, this is the time to ensure there is enough.

The retirement investigator relentlessly researches the best information on life after work and publishes it here for you.

If you have information to share with others facing this new phase of life, post it here. I'll check it out and if it offers value to others, I promise to pass it on.

Start your personal retirement investigation on the pages listed below. . .

Retirement Investigator Blog
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Best Place To Retire
Wondering about the best place to retire or have a secret spot you'd like to share? Insider information on where to retire and why each spot is so great.
Retirement Travel Advice
Travel advice from those who have been there. Where are retirees going for vaction and why? Share your best travel tips.
Retirement Financial Planning
Facing retirement? Financial planning gives a sense of security now and a secure financial future as you age. Why boomers need to plan -- NOW!
Retirement Jobs
Retirement jobs? Only if we want them. Studies show 50 percent of people who reach retirement age work. Which is the right job for you?
Your Best Home Based Business Opportunity
Just which is the best home based business opportunity to support your retirement? Which factors matter most to you as you start a new enterprise? Consider this list.
Early Retirement
Considering early retirement? Your own idea, or someone else's? Are you ready for the change? What will you do?
Retirement Planning For Women
Retirement planning for women needs to be different from retirement planning for men. Learn the good news and the bad news.
Your Volunteering Opportunity
There's a volunteering opportunity for you no matter how old you are. Retirees with lots to give find fulfillment in sharing with others.
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Site Map
Need information on retirement? Find it on Retirement Investigator's sitemap.
About Audrey
All about Audrey. Why she's retiring and why she made this Web site.
Mom and Me
Watch Mom and me as we work out the practicalities of living together as two generations of older women. We'll share our lives as we go. Will I retire early? How will we deal with practical issues?
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Evaluate the Top Franchise Opportunity
You want in on the top franchise opportunity. You want a business with the support a franchise offers but you wonder about the risks. What are the pros and cons of a franchise?
Your Best Franchise Opportunity
Which is the best franchise opportunity for you? You know the basics about owning a franchise, but you need to consider the details. How do you evaluate which franchise business is best?
Build A Network When You Retire
Preparing to retire? Before you decide to move, ask how much energy you have to create a new social network.
Include Home Care In Retirement Planning
Increasingly, families are turning to home care for elderly family members. Asking the right questions will help you make the most informed decision.
The Best Small Business Franchise Opportunity
Doug Shepherd shares his experience in finding the best small business franchise opportunity to enrich his upcoming retirement.
Retirement Blog November 2006
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Outdoor Travel Adventure With Outdoor Connections
For travel adventure, you'll want to use an agent with the extensive network of Outdoor Connections. Doug Shepherd explains what he can do for you or your company when you want superb fishing or hunt
Outdoor Connection Franchise -- A Retired Sportsman's Dream
If you love the outdoors, an Outdoor Connection Franchise might be the retirement business you've been looking for. Learn the benefits of booking trips for others -- and for yourself.
Volunteer Vacation With The Mobility Project
Maureen wasn't looking for a volunteer vacation, but she found a new direction with The Mobility Project in Mexico. Read her story.
My Winter Cabo San Lucas Vacation
My first winter Cabo San Lucas Vacation had its ups and downs. As vacations go, the ups won, hands down. Find out why.
Volunteer Service -- A Living Library
Learn about a unique volunteer service for senior experts: becoming part of a living library. Douglas College loans human experts as well as books.
Retire in Garden City, South Carolina
Garden City seems to have it all. . . beaches, shows, restaurants, and Jensen's, a quiet retirement community. Eric and Sandra are thrilled they chose to retire in Garden City, South Carolina.
10 Best Places To Retire
Wondering about the 10 best places to retire? Whose list will you use? How will you choose? Link to free decision-making software.
Retire In The Rio Grande Valley
Tim shares why he would retire in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
Time Share Resale Story
Time share vacations appeal to many retirees. Whether you're looking for a time share resale or just wondering about time shares in general, Cary's message may be just what you are looking for.
Financial Planning For Women
Financial planning for all women should take into consideration that women live different lives than men do. Married women need more help setting up a retirement plan than do single women. Learn why.
Unclaimed Pension Benefits
Americans owed $133 million in unclaimed pensions can search for their lost pensions for free. Learn how you can receive your pension cheque within three or four months.
Retirement Blog March 2007
Archive of posts for Retirement Blog for March 2007. Items of interest for those who are retired or about to retire.
Life Settlements
Retirees should consider life settlements instead of cashing in insurance policies. An expert explains why.
Make A Difference In Your Sixties
You can make a difference in your retirement by making your sixties like the 60s of your youth. This is the time to make the changes the world still needs.
Kenya Safari Tips
Before you head to Africa, check out these Kenya safari tips from a local. Even if you aren't travelling to Kenya, you'll love the photos.
Retirement Blog February 2007
Archive of retirement blog entries. Put this blog into your RSS feed for instant notification.
Terms of Use For Retirement Investigator
Terms of use for the Retirement Investigator Web site, including explanations of how some behind-the-scenes features work.
Retirement Blog March 2008
Archive of blog entries from Retirement Investigator's retirement blog for March 2008.
Retirement Articles
Retirement Articles on wide ranging topics of interest to retirees. The main Web site is divided like a book into chapters. The articles section serves as an appendix.
Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are springing up everywhere. Find out if a life-care facility is for you.
Check Baggage Restrictions When Planning Your Trip
If you are flying these days, you'll want to check baggage restrictions before you leave home.
Health Savings Account Medical Plans
Health Savings Account medical plans offer early retirees an option to combine savings with health insurance. Is this for you?
Retire In Harrison Hot Springs
Sam Kassam from Tanzania chose to retire in Harrison Hot Springs, BC for two main reasons.
Retire On The French Riviera
Learn why Bruno thinks it's a good idea to retire on the French Riviera, also called the Cote d'Azur.
Retire In Trail
Retire In Trail, BC, and find your own personal Shangri-La. Discover just what the two spots have in common. See if Trail in the South Kootenay might be the best place for you to retire.
Forex Trading
Forex trading in troubled times calls for flexibility in strategty. Use your forex demo account or turn to a forex broker before you give up.
Retire in Ashland
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is only one reason to retire in Ashland.
Retire in Penang, Malaysia
When you see the comparison of the costs to those who retire in Penang Malaysia with those who retire in Boston, you may start chatting with your travel agent.
Timeshare Ownership
Timeshare ownership is one choice of vacation that suits many folk, including those who are retiring.
Retire in Murphy North Carolina
Find out why John Dilbeck will retire in Murphy, North Carolina, just about two hours from anywhere.
How To Retire Debt Free
Use six tips to retire debt free and relax in your declining years.